Cybersecurity News Roundup, August 5 - 11
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This time, we are between August 5 and 11 with the best articles, blog posts, and preprints.


The 8chan controversy, Cloudflare and everything else:

Initial Cloudflare statement:;

Additional stories on the outage:;

Bloomberg on Section 230:


An IoT intrusion path found by Microsoft:

Qualcomm chips vulnerabilities described at the Tencent blog:

KDE run into a bit of an issue last week:

A great story from StackOverflow developer on how they cache things:

Reuters on UN report, stating that North Korea profits from cyberattacks:

Electron-based apps compromised:

The "warshipping" hacking technique by X-Force Red:

Bypassing authentication trojan, targeting China:

Black Hat 2019 brought a bunch of terrific stories last week, here's one of them:

HTTP Desync Attacks, from DEF CON

LAN-based Blind SSRF Attack Primitive for Windows:

Another one DEF CON story:

New AMD server processors found big customers:

RIPE Labs analysis of CDN Performance:

Encrypted DSLR camera:

Coinbase story of responding to 0-days in the wild:

Eclypsium found dozens of security flaws in kernel drivers:


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