Cybersecurity News Roundup, July 29 - August 4
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This time, we're between July 29 and August 3 with the best articles posted.


Bruce Schneier's blog and commentaries on the (possible) WhatsApp backdoor:

F5 research on the Kazakhstan MiTM:;

New RIPE address assign policy:;

"Interactionless" attacks on the iOS, several links:;

Qualcomm also have to patch some newly discovered flaws:

Armis discovered 11 vulnerabilities at the VxWorks:;

Cryptographic attacks covered at the Checkpoint blog:;

FastCompany on the hCaptcha, a ReCaptcha alternative:;

Introduction to Transformers Architecture at the Rubik's Code blog:;

Capital One breach, Brian Krebs version:;

Finding the Balance Between Speed & Accuracy During an Internet-wide Port Scanning:;

Linux Heap TCache Poisoning paper by Silvio Cesare:;


Repository of the week:


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