Measurement as the key to transparency
Radar Researches

We built a tool to visualize network latency measured with RIPE Atlas.

If you are looking for services such as IP-transit, MPLS channels or DDoS mitigation you can choose from a variety of products. However, it is difficult to compare offers and companies regarding actual service quality. Some organizations compare market offers, but often they look at the market share or the company’s financial condition and other business metrics that are not necessarily relevant to the quality of a service per se. Also, most of these comparisons are not available free of charge.

Fortunately, the situation is changing. Recently we have been given an opportunity to create global scale measurements with services such as PlanetLabNLNOG RINGand, of course, RIPE Atlas. RIPE Atlas has become the biggest measurement platform, with a rich API as the primary user interface. However, an output of API requests is not always human-readable; it still requires a set of tools on top of the API, to make data easily understandable. So we decided to work on a fix.

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Moscow Traffic Jam

Moscow is famous for the traffic jams, with the governments continually fighting that particular problem. Nevertheless, the beginning of 2018 was marked with the new traffic bottleneck created with the help of BGP misdirection. At 12:01 UTC 17.01.2018, AS8901 belonging to Moscow City Government started leaking prefixes between its upstreams: the Rostelecom (AS12389) and Comcor (AS8732). Redirection peaked at 70000 affected prefixes.


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